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In a vintage photo, a man sits in front of river rapids near Ely, MN, seemingly lost in thought.

The Boundary Waters is
America's Wilderness

Along the Northeastern border of Minnesota sits an American public lands icon: The Boundary Waters. It’s a reminder of our country’s long-standing commitment to preserving its most beautiful places. The Boundary Waters is America’s wilderness — and we must protect it.

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Two older boys sit in a canoe next to the base of a cliff rising out of a lake.

Minnesotans know the value of their state’s clean water legacy.

For over 100 years, Americans from all walks of life have canoed, fished, and made the Boundary Waters one of the most iconic outdoor places in the country. Whether it be a new journey into the woods or a peaceful day by the lake, there’s a place for everyone in the Boundary Waters. It’s the pinnacle of Minnesota’s legacy of outdoor recreation, and future generations deserve to enjoy America’s lakes, rivers, and forests.

The gifts of boreal forests, clear skies, and thriving wildlife are central to Minnesota's outdoor heritage, and they’ve never been more important. As daily life grows busier and natural spaces seem more distant, people from all walks of life seek out the respite that Wilderness gives us. At a time when things feel so uncertain, let’s protect the special things we can.

Join the fight to protect America’s Wilderness: the Boundary Waters.

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The Boundary Waters:
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